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ripped peppercorns from Costa Rica

single estate, Original Denis

from the south of Costa Rica on less than a hectare of land is produced some of the most unique, fragrant and flavourful peppercorn. Cultivated amongst a citrus grove and on land where only natural farming methods have been used for more than a quarter century, pepper vines provide habitat for birds and a variety of wildlife. The robust flavours come from fully mature peppercorns that are slowly dried to maintain the quality of the essential oils that give life to this the king of spice. For ten to fourteen days the harvest alters between sun and shelter allowing our peppercorns to retain the beneficial charac- teristics of the peppercorns essential oil. It is this careful handling that distinguish our pepper from common pepper. The therapeutic benefits of this valuable oil contribute to a healthy digestive system and many other bodily functions.

To experience the aroma, to taste the full flavour is what sets 100% pure ahead of the rest



they are unique and special

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